technical info


Video installation for 3 synchronized projectors.

19'12" (loop)

3 x PAL — colour — stereo

Sound finalization: Johan Vander Maelen

Co-production: Ministry of the Flemish Government

The Worldwide Web of Sorrows - Koen Theys, 2012

The video contains a few hundred excerpts of clips found on YouTube, showing women trying to grab the attention of the viewer by crying in front of their webcam, sitting alone in their apartment. Some of them are silently sobbing, while others are loudly crying out their despair. Sometimes they ask for comprehension, sometimes they cry out loud for help, pray for salvation or start self-mutilation. The video follows the structure of a mental breakdown, beginning very silently and becoming louder and louder up to a climax of hysterical crying and yelling, after which a certain resignation or catharsis is reached and calm is reinstalled. From here on, the cycle starts all over again.