technical info


2-channel video installation

Duration: 13'43" each rotation

Format: MiniDV, 4:3

Colour system: PAL, black and white

Audio: mute

Sudden Death - Wim Catrysse, 2001

Sudden Death is shot in an unusual architectural construction — a space that can be rocked back and forth — measuring approximately 300 x 120 x 700 cm. The space contains a staircase, 4 metres long, with a sort of platform at both ends. On each platform, one actor is stationed.
Depending on how the architectural construction is positioned in space, the actors either stand up or lie down. Actors X and Y are simultaneously recorded via two tiny camera eyes, each attached to a platform, just above the actor's head. Each camera eye, due to its wide-angle lens, captures both actors. The architectural construction is slowly tilted when both actors are in a stationary position.
Camera 1 films Actor X from up close and Actor Y from a long distance.
Camera 2 films Actor X from a long distance and Actor Y from up close.
By simultaneously capturing an apparently simple action from two opposite points of view and by installing the two resulting films the same way, i.e. opposite to each other, a kind of visual disorder is engendered.


In a game, 'sudden death' (or a sudden-death round) is a form of competition in which play ends as soon as one competitor is ahead of the other.