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Outward Bound - Wim Catrysse, 2010

Outward-bound was shot over a period of two weeks inside the crater of the Kawah Ijen, an active volcano in East Java (Indonesia), where to this day sulphur is mined in abominable and primitive conditions.

Approach: The hostile landscape, due to its toxic colours, collapsed form and, above all, excessive emission of noxious fumes, is alien to our common notion of a landscape. Because of its fictitious qualities, we could easily situate this specific landscape in the past, as if it has not yet finished the process of coming into existence. However, we might just as well locate it in future times, where it could be on the verge of heading towards a most violent cataclysm and, so to speak, embrace its own self-destruction.


Metaphorically speaking, 'outward-bound' means 'moving towards the unknown, the exotic or the uncharted'.