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Filmed on location in Brugge, Meigem and Veurne

One of Us - Koen Theys, 2015

In a misty white landscape an endless procession of people roams as in a procession. They are characters from the three largest processions of Flanders. They look like figures from old Bible movies. The men are wearing fake beards, dusty robes and fake long-haired wigs; the women have exaggerated make-up and wear long robes and burkas. In a mesmerizing manner, as in a strange ritual, these people mutter: “One of us ... One of us ... We accept you ... We accept you ... One of us ... One of us ... Gooble Gobble ... Gooble Gobble ... One of us ...”

In the past, One of Us was screened at:
Objectif Exhibitions 19 Dec 2015