technical info


Single-channel video installation

Duration: 14’58” each rotation

Format: HD, 16:9

Colour system: PAL, colour

Audio: 1 stereo audio channel, non spoken

MSR - Wim Catrysse, 2012

A location minutes away from the military airbase Ali al Salem, about 50 miles from Kuwait City. We are surrounded by a vast expanse of dull sand. The military security personnel quickly spots our presence. At the perimeter, signs reading: 'Restricted Area. No approach & Photographing. No Camping.' We settle down just next to the 'Military convoy MSR' and soon discover a pack of stray dogs living on what seems to be a dumping ground. When the weather conditions change in the course of the day and the air fills with dust, we start filming. The dogs, at first only an alibi for our presence, have now become our subject.
We depict them against a background occupied by the oil industry and the military.


A MSR or Main Supply Route is the route designated within an area of operations upon which the bulk of traffic flows in support of military operations.