technical info


3-channel video installation

Duration: 8'15" each rotation

Format: HDV, 16:9

Colour system: PAL, colour

Audio: 3 stereo audio channels, non spoken

Dusking - Wim Catrysse, 2009

In the studio, a platform is constructed as a table, 8 x 6 metres, on which a rough, rocky landscape made of diverse materials is sitting. A semi-circular tracing paper screen, backlit, acts as a backdrop. The camera assumes a fixed position vis-à-vis this setting. A scale model of a chemical plant is installed in the landscape. A storm is generated using a smoke machine and a fan. With each shot, the rock formations and the chemical plant, as seen from the camera's eye, become rearranged.


Dusking is based on an 'establishing shot' from the science fiction classic Alien. The shot lasts only 4 seconds.