technical info


Single-channel video installation

Duration: 14'39" each rotation

Format: HDV, 16:9

Colour system: PAL, colour

Audio: 1 stereo audio channel, non spoken

Backdrop - Wim Catrysse, 2007

Southeast Alaska. Following a railroad formerly used to transport copper at the early beginning of the 20th century - now partially demolished or transformed into a road - from its terminal on the coast up to its old departure point at the Kennecott mines. Once arrived in Chitina, a small, sparsely populated village located on the west bank of the Copper River about 60 miles from the mines, a storm swirling around in the dried riverbed grabbed our attention. Cold and warm winds seemed to collide and caused a microstorm that one could enter or exit at one's discretion. This natural phenomenon was meticulously recorded over a period of four days.In post-production, footage was digitally split along the line of the horizon. Subsequently, sequences disassociated in time and space were seamlessly welded together to depict this elusive event.


A backdrop is a painted cloth hung at the back of a stage set. Décors changed repeatedly during the play at curtain drops.