Cinema Zuid
29 Oct 2015

Please join Gülsün Karamustafa and Ruth Noack in an evening of screenings and conversation on feminist issues related to the artist's video works. Starting with "Witchcraft"(2005), a short film on the need of opening doors in a closed geography, we will show “FOLDING” and “JUMPING”, an exploration into the memory of childhood experience from the "Personal Time Quartett" (2000). This is followed by the "The City And The Secret Panther fashion" (2007), which explores female subversion of dress codes, which are meant to control their body and movement. With "Memory Of A Square", the (gendered) division of public and private space is added to the discussion, and a clip from "Unawarded Performances" (2005), a film about Moldavian Women who came to ?stanbul to work for the elderly, brings the intersectionality of femininity, labour and migrancy into focus. The program will commence with "Stairways", a short, poetic film about Romanian children playing music in the streets to earn money, to remind us that women are not the only disenfranchised who contribute to the city and the quality of its everyday life.