Afterimage: Contour Biennale Artist Talks

Cinema Zuid
07 Mar 2017

In the context of and in collaboration with Contour Biennale 8 Polyphonic Worlds: Justice as Medium Escautville invites Ritu Sarin & Tenzing Sonam and Pallavi Paul, both part of a group of more than twenty artists who will present new and recent audiovisual work on several locations throughtout Mechelen from March 11th onwards.

The work of Ritu Sarin & Tenzing Sonam has Tibet as its central theme, morst recently they researched the phenomenon of self-immolation as a form of protest. Pallavi Paul plays with documentary and non-fiction and scans the borders of the fantastical, the poetical, the historical and the political.

A selection of their work will be screened after the talk.


Cinema Zuid

Contour 8