Escautville was founded in 2011 in response to the increasing complexity of the audiovisual sector as a whole and of the founders' projects in particular. Determined to do something about the complex commercial, organizational and administrative issues associated with the production process, video artists Wim Catrysse, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Ria PacquƩe, Koen Theys and Frank Theys (the artistic core) set up an alternative management office.

Escautville takes a hands-on approach to supporting artists in making audiovisual productions, in finding funding, by creating a framework and by dealing with publicity and presentation. Escautville has also developed three presentation concepts (FOOTNOTES, WILD and GUEST) that reinforce its connection and energizing role in interfacing with video artists, arts organizations and the public.


Several times a year an artist elaborates on their recent Escautville production at Extra City Kunsthal (Antwerp). Each event will feature a public talk or an interview with the artist.


Puts into practice Escautiville's commitment to video artists who are just setting out. Each year a novice video artist will be selected by one of Escautville's core artists and will received sort of 'wild card'. Her or his production will subsequently be presented under the aegis of Escautville's footnotes.


Provides a broader view of the international art scene. In conjunction with Cinema Zuid (Antwerp), two times a year one of Escautville's core artists will be inviting an artist/filmmaker whose work has drawn her or his attention. An interview and/or a lecture will contextualize and situate their technique, artistic, approach, methods, etc. This will allow us to highlight the work of outstanding international artists.

Ulrike Lindmayr is Escautiville's artistic and administrative director. Vincent Stroep is responsible for the daily monitoring of the audiovisual projects and for the communication.

The members of the not-for-profit are, in addition to the founding artists, Rolf Quaghebeur (director, Argos, Brussels), Jos Van Bergh (general coordinator, Cinema Zuid Antwerp) and the memebers of the board of directors: Jan Knops (artistic director, Initia; chair), Ad van Rosmaele (departmental head, Sint-Lucas Antwerp; sercretary), Pascal Willekens (business direct Vidisquare; treasurer).


Vidi-Square (Zandhoven), Extra City Kunsthal (Antwerp), Sint-Lucas Antwerpen, Argos (Brussels), Cinema Zuid (Antwerp)

supported by

The Flemish Government, Stad Antwerpen